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I've always said I'd pay good money to watch a cooking show feature a mom with a screaming toddler on her leg. She would be my hero. How refreshing, the truth for once. And just think of all the valuable things we could learn! Like how to make a nutritious dinner entirely single handed because the baby is teething this week. Or, I don't know, how to chop onions while rocking a cradle with your foot. Just imagine. An entire episode dedicated to pause-cooking (which I just made up but should totally exist. It's 2015. Get it together, science.) because at any given moment someone, somewhere, needs something to be wiped and it would be a shame for the minced garlic to burn.. again.. ugh.

Well, I haven't gotten my own show yet but I have gotten pretty good at those things. (Except the pause cooking, still working on that.) My name is Esty Wolbe but I'm more commonly referred to as Mommy. Or 'Mooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyy!' depending of course upon the urgency of the wiping required at the moment. I live with the loves of my life in Brooklyn, New York and I love to feed them delicious food.

Ok, here's the rundown. These are my people.

The Hubb. Always happy and always supportive. He's my rock and my bartender. Soul mate personified. He is a total kid at heart and my kids are lucky to call him theirs.

The Jester. Every kingdom's gotta have one. He's smart and funny and pretty cute if I do say so myself. He's only seven but can likely beat you at chess. And then make fun of you for it. That's my boy. Sarcasm runs through his veins. Sarcasm and pizza.

Dimples. Yes, they all have dimples but not like these. Nothing more dangerous than an adorable five year old who knows just how adorable he is. His self proclaimed talent is "talking cute". Other talents include backward somersaults and living primarily on plain bread.

Her Highness. We are all wrapped around her cute little fingers and wouldn't have it any other way. She's two years old going on twenty-two. Diva extraordinaire. She'll have fourteen breakfasts, eight lunches and three dinners but only a few bites of each because she can. My best eater and my sous chef.

Life's an adventure, welcome to ours.

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